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Fire Prelate Helm

Fire Prelate Helm Information

Fire Prelate helm sculpted in the image of a sage

Helm engraved with a sacred countenance and housing a cauldron. Attire of the Fire Prelates, commanders of the Fire Monks. It is said the cauldron perched atop the head was originally furnished with embers, and would surge into flames when the wearer's faith reached its zenith. The fire of this cauldron has since died out, however.
Fire Prelate Helm

Fire Prelate Helm Stats



Slot: Head
Weight: 10.6
Sell Price: 500
Sell Price: 500
Poise: 14




Immunity: 29
Robustness: 27
Focus: 39
Death: 22

Damage Negation



Physical: 7.0
VS Strike: 6.1
VS Slash 6.7
VS Pierce: 6.7
Magic: 4.8
Fire: 7.2
Lightning: 4.6
Holy: 4.7

Fire Prelate Helm Location

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