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Diallos’s Mask

Diallos’s Mask Information

Helm passed down through the Hoslow family

Replica of a twin-tailed silver helm with flowery adornments. Only, without the twin tails. Diallos Hoslow had an older brother who was a stern, self-possessed man of few words. His achievements made him seem out of reach. And so the younger aspired to be like the older. Yearning for the day that he would tell the tale of House Hoslow, in blood. Knowing full well that it would break his brother's heart.
Diallos’s Mask

Diallos’s Mask Stats



Slot: Head
Weight: 4.6
Sell Price: 3000
Sell Price: 3000
Poise: 7




Immunity: 15
Robustness: 23
Focus: 10
Death: 10

Damage Negation



Physical: 4.8
VS Strike: 3.8
VS Slash 4.6
VS Pierce: 4.4
Magic: 3.6
Fire: 3.6
Lightning: 2.5
Holy: 3.4

Diallos’s Mask Location

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